Storyline 1: Austin's Birthplace - The Auction Oaks

11 months ago

On January 24, 1839, the Republic of Texas directed President Mirabeau Lamar to select a site for a capital. Lamar chose the small settlement of Waterloo, on the north bank of the Colorado River, as the site for what would become Austin.

Judge Edwin Waller arrived in May 1839 to lay out a plan for the new capital city. The “Waller Plan” encompassed one square mile, 14 city blocks by 14 city blocks, between Waller Creek on the east and Shoal Creek on the west.

On August 1, 1839, Waller held the first auction of city lots under these oaks in what we now call Republic Square. Funds from this sale were used to begin the construction of government buildings in the new capital.

Please share your stories about Austin’s Birthplace!

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Admin Commented Melissa 10 months ago
Were the streets named after the rivers and trees of Texas in the 1839 plan or was that a later addition?
Admin Commented Melissa 11 months ago